• July 19, 2021

A New Chemical Industry Gets Off The Ground: The Chemical Industry

By: John J. Krasnov The Chemical Industries Association is planning to build a $200 million laboratory in Ohio to test the performance of new chemical formulas.

The facility will help the industry identify and develop new chemicals that will help manufacturers improve manufacturing processes and make them safer, said Scott Johnson, the association’s chief scientific officer.

The chemistry industry is a $15 trillion market and needs to be addressed, Johnson said.

Chemicals that are in use today may be harmful for the environment, he said.

The chemical industry employs more than 40,000 people and has more than $150 billion in annual sales, Johnson added.

Chemists who want to become chemical engineers and chemists in the future need to get a job, Johnson explained.

Johnson said the association is also looking at other chemical industries that are expanding, such as petrochemicals, food safety, and pharmaceuticals.

Johnson expects the new laboratory to be operational in two years.

It will be the first chemical lab built in Ohio.

The industry will also have to find ways to improve the safety of products and make it more affordable.

Chemical Industry Gets off The Ground, Inc. has been working with the Chemical Industry Association, Johnson’s company, since 2015 to build the chemical lab.

The lab is part of the association, which is trying to boost the chemical industry’s workforce, Johnson told the Associated Press.

Johnson noted the industry has been growing for years, but there was no chemistry lab built before the financial crisis hit in 2008.

The new lab is intended to help the chemistry industry create safer products.

Chemist John R. McNeil has been leading the lab, a joint venture between the Chemical Industries Organization and the Chemical Manufacturing Institute, since 2017.

McNeish said the lab will be able to test more chemicals, including newer formulas, as well as produce more stable, cheaper chemicals.

Chemically-inclined people are working in chemical labs to test products, and the industry needs to make sure that they have access to the best chemicals to help them make better products, he added.

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