• July 27, 2021

A ‘chemical war’ in the Balkans may have caused the deaths of more than 100 people

In the Balkan region, where the conflict in Syria has been raging for two years, more than half a million people have been killed and millions displaced, and many more have fled their homes.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine has also displaced tens of thousands of people, including tens of thousand of ethnic Russians.

In some areas, the conflict has killed thousands of civilians, including in the rebel-held city of Donetsk.

But a new report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace finds that the number of deaths from chemical weapons is increasing in some places as the conflict continues.

The report, released Tuesday, says that the death toll from the conflict could rise to at least 100,000 by the end of the year.

It says the increase in the number killed has been driven by a sharp rise in the use of cluster munitions and the increasing use of the chemical agent acetone in the conflict.

It also says the number could rise as a result of the war’s impact on other health-care workers and residents.

The Carnegie report, titled The War on Chemicals: A Chemical War in the Balkans, estimates that the war in eastern and southern Ukraine has killed more than 400,000 people.

The new report says there has been a sharp increase in cluster munitions in eastern Donetsk, where more than a million civilians have been displaced by the war.

The escalation of cluster munition use in the war, according to the report, comes at a time when the region is grappling with its first chemical weapons spill in almost 50 years.

In May, a massive explosion and fire in Donetsk, which the United Nations says killed more people than at any time since the end, killed more residents than the conflict itself.

The region’s health authorities have blamed the conflict on the separatists.

On Monday, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the conflict is likely to lead to the use or production of more toxic chemicals in the region.

The World Health Organization has also raised its estimate of the number in the area at more than 3,000.

In the first half of this year, the United States and Russia have deployed thousands of troops to Ukraine to help quell the fighting, which has also killed more civilians.

The United Nations has warned that a Russian-backed rebel offensive in eastern Ukrainian territory could cause the death of as many as 5,000 civilians and the displacement of many more in the coming weeks.

The war in Syria is the most complicated conflict in decades, with the use and use of chemical weapons among the many weapons of mass destruction.

The Syrian government has used chemical weapons in at least six previous wars, including the war with the Taliban in the 1980s and the war against the rebels in eastern Syria in 2014.

Russia and China, two major powers in the Middle East, have also been accused of using chemical weapons.

A report from the Carnegie report says that in eastern Europe, cluster munitions have been used in three separate attacks.

The first was in March 2015, when the Syrian army launched what it said was an attack on rebels in the town of Hama.

The attack killed scores of civilians.

Cluster munitions have also fallen into the hands of a number of rebel groups in eastern Aleppo, Syria, where they have been fired at a number, including a large area in the city of Idlib, where rebels are fighting the government.

The attacks have also left a huge amount of chemical munitions, including mustard gas and sulfur mustard, in rebel hands.

The use of acetone, a gas used in making the toxic nerve agent sarin, is one of the most common weapons of the conflict and is also a cluster mun, according the report.

The authors also said that it was possible that cluster munitions were used in the attacks on Idlib and Hama, but that their use in those attacks would be limited because of the large amount of mustard gas they contain.

The experts say the use in both cases of acetones and sarin has created a huge explosion in the areas where it was used, but they also say that the attacks are not isolated incidents.

They say the cluster munitions use in Idlib and in Hama is the first of its kind to have resulted in a civilian casualty.

The other two incidents were reported in March and May of this last year.

Both attacks resulted in the deaths or injury of more people.

In March, at least 50 people were killed in a bombing attack in Idlib province, which is in the western part of the country.

In July, a Syrian rebel group, Jaysh al-Fatah, claimed responsibility for a bombing that killed more in Aleppo province.

In both cases, the attacks were believed to have been carried out by government forces, but the researchers say the evidence of government involvement in the bombings is weak.

In August, another attack in Homs province in northwestern Syria killed five people.

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