• July 30, 2021

This is a chemical formula for vinegar, it turns out

Chemists have invented a chemical part that can turn any chemical substance into an edible liquid. 

The discovery comes from the US Department of Energy’s Laboratory for Molecular Manufacturing and Technology (LMPT), which is responsible for making chemical compounds that scientists can use to manufacture medical devices, food and other products. 

“There are some very exciting new technologies that are making progress in the world of medicine,” said Mark L. Rippe, the LMPT director of the Center for Molecular Engineering. 

In recent years, chemists have used chemical processes to create a range of compounds, including antibiotics, pesticides and biocides. 

But Rippel said the discovery of this new part of the manufacturing process is a milestone. 

Rippel was the lead author of the new paper, which was published in the journal Science Advances. 

A chemical part is a combination of chemical molecules that allows a compound to work on a specific task. 

To make a new chemical part, a team of chemists at LMPt uses a process called aqueous precipitation. 

An aqueo is a liquid that contains water and a chemical component, called an anionic group, that binds to a molecular surface. 

This binding allows the chemical to be formed. 

Once formed, the anionic part is then mixed with water and mixed with other compounds, which form a gel. 

These chemical compounds are then added to the gel and the chemical part becomes solid. 

At that point, the chemical substance can be placed into a container and dried. 

When the gel has dried, the solid substance can then be crushed and ground to make the chemical compound. 

Scientists have been using the process of precipitation to create new chemical components for decades. 

Chemists have found ways to use aqueose to make a wide variety of chemicals, from polyurethane to petroleum jelly, but until now, the process required a large quantity of water to achieve the desired results. 

Now, with aqueotic precipitation, the chemists can take the same amount of water and mix it with anionic water molecules, and then add another set of aqueos to the mix. 

As the mixture is mixed, the water molecules are bound to the anions in the water, and the mixture can be cooled to -200 degrees Celsius. 

While this process is technically the same as aqueolysis, the addition of water in the aqueosis step allows the process to be made much more efficient, allowing for much higher yields. 

More research is needed to confirm the results, but Rippels research is optimistic that this technology will have significant application in the medical world.

“What I like about this process, as a chemist, is that it can make a lot of compounds,” he said.

“It’s a very straightforward way of producing a wide range of chemicals. 

There are a lot more challenges that still need to be solved, but this technology could be really important in that.”

The new chemical step was developed using a technology known as a polymerization reaction. 

Protein-based polymerization reactions can be used to create complex materials, including polymers. 

One of the key advantages of the polymerization process is that the chemicals are easily created and can be purified using a standard lab. 

However, the problem with using a polymerizing reaction is that they can produce some very expensive chemicals.

“The cost of this process has been very high,” Ripps said. 

According to the Lmpt, they hope to eventually produce an aqueoproject that can be incorporated into medical devices. 

LMPt is now working with other labs to further refine the technology, with the goal of developing a commercial product within a decade. 

For more information, please visit:  http://www.scienceadvances.com/science/2017/11/10/chemists-have-innovated-chemical-part-that-turns-any-chemical.html#ixzz2N1p5bVpT

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