• August 1, 2021

‘We’ve already reached out’ to the chemical bank

A chemical engineering internship is not a prerequisite for being accepted into the Chemical Bank, a joint venture between the Australian Federal Government and the Chemicals Industry Association of Australia (CIAA), a non-profit organisation.

“Chemical banks are not in the business of hiring PhDs to do the work,” ChemBank co-founder and CEO Nick Waddell said.

“This is an opportunity for people with the right skills, the right backgrounds, to join the Chemical Banks and help us deliver the world-class quality of life we want for our customers.”

Waddill said the chemistry banks have seen a steady increase in applications over the past two years, with more than 300 people applying to work at their facilities this year.

“The response we’ve had to the application process is amazing,” he said.

The Chemical Banks are an industry-led initiative to provide quality-of-life services to Australians and provide them with a high-value and environmentally sustainable product, such as chemicals.

Waddel said the bank’s first chembank internships will take place over the next six months, with a second batch of interns to follow in 2018.

The program aims to attract an “unmatched” pool of highly qualified chembank graduates, Waddall said.

“There’s a real need for chembank-type students to come and work on this project,” he told Al Jazeera.

It’s not a science’ ChemBank has been operating since the start of the decade. “

It’s also very much aligned with what we’re trying to do with the CAAA, which is to build a community of people who want to contribute to the community.”‘

It’s not a science’ ChemBank has been operating since the start of the decade.

Its mission is to provide chembank students with the “knowledge, skills and resources” to “develop and deliver the best quality products to our customers”.

The first batch of students, Wadall said, will focus on the chemistry of natural products and will “reach beyond chemistry to understand the engineering and chemical aspects of manufacturing”.

The chemistry banks’ initial chembank internship program is currently focused on the design of a range of chemicals for pharmaceutical applications, including pharmaceutical grade chemicals for the development of new medicines.

The ChemBank’s first graduates will be recruited through the ChemBank application process.

The bank aims to recruit up to five graduates each year, with the bulk of the positions opening up in 2018, said Waddells.

“We’ll have a pool of about 200 chembankers by the end of 2019,” he added.

“And that’s about half of the chemistry bank that we currently have.”

The Chem Banks aim to become an industry leader in chemical education and training by developing students in chemical engineering and chemistry, which Waddoll said is “a bit of a cross between an industrial science degree and an engineering degree”.

The Chemistry Banks have received more than $200 million in funding since the inception of the program in 2008.

It is the first of its kind in Australia.

“With this new programme we’re going to expand the pool of chembanker talent we’re recruiting for,” Waddll said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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