• August 3, 2021

How to buy Chemicals Online, with free trial

TechCrunch | July 10, 2019 | 4:12pm EDT A new, high-tech, open-source chemical trading platform that allows anyone to trade chemicals on the market with ease is just around the corner, but some people still aren’t happy about it. 

The open source chemical trading software has been around for years, but many people are skeptical of its reliability. 

“The platform is a mess,” said Josh Sperling, the founder of ChemTrader, an online platform for buying, selling and trading chemicals. 

Some of the most important elements of the platform, such as its price-to-risk ratios and market-capitalization, aren’t as well-known as the more widely used chemical trading platforms. 

Sperling says he wants to fix those issues, but he also wants the platform to have a “good reputation.” 

“I want to make sure the platform has a good reputation so it can be used by other people who want to trade chemicals and not just a handful of guys who just want to be able to trade chemical products on the platform,” he said. 

ChemTrader was created by Josh Sotloff, an entrepreneur and a chemist who had a passion for chemicals.

Sottler and his wife, Susan, have been working on the chemistry trading platform for years and it was originally designed to help people buy and sell chemicals on their own. 

But in March 2018, the Sotlsons decided to add a second platform for chemical trading called ChemTracker. 

It’s a free-for-all marketplace for people to trade and sell chemical products. 

On ChemTraders platform, people can create their own profiles, which they can edit, then trade their own chemical products, such a liquid, powders, or capsules. 

Users can also trade their products in real time. 

However, some people say the platform is buggy and has a tendency to crash, or it’s difficult to find a market for a specific product. 

For example, the first version of Chemtrader crashed at least three times in a row. 

A couple months after the launch, the company started to see an uptick in crashes, but the Sotsons have been trying to fix it and have improved the site in the last year. 

Currently, ChemTraders trading platform has about 20 million users. 

Other popular trading platforms include EOS, which is free and offers a trading platform with an array of trading tools. 

EOS also has a reputation for having a bad reputation, but ChemTrade is getting more and more positive feedback, according to Sotts. 

Even though the Sopes are a bit hesitant to say it, the platform may have the best reputation, Sperlings said.

“People who are not tech-savvy, like me, would have a hard time understanding why a website like ChemTrading would be a good place to buy or sell chemical,” he told TechCrunch. 

What are some of the biggest issues with ChemTraser?

Sperlings first noticed a bug when it first launched, but after the site’s launch, he said that he noticed a few more crashes. 

In his research, Sots found that a lot of the crashes were due to a problem with the software, he explained. 

He discovered that ChemTracer was crashing in certain situations and it wasn’t clear how to fix that. 

One of the issues that Sotson was having with Chemtracer is that the trading platform didn’t have a way to automatically connect to the ChemTrator API, he told Business Insider. 

At first, Sottls didn’t understand the problem and tried to use the API to connect ChemTrainer to ChemTrado, but that wasn’t working, he added. 

Instead, he decided to find another API, which was easier for him to navigate. 

Then, after a couple of weeks of experimenting, he discovered that the API was available on a Google app. 

This is when he realized that there was a bug. 

If you go to Chemtraders website, you’ll see that the “API” section is empty. 

There is an error, though, in the code that handles that section. 

When you visit ChemTrady, the API is not available and you will not be able at first to connect to ChemTader. 

You can then go to the API section, but when you do that, the section doesn’t load. 

As a result, you are left without the ability to make trades. 

That’s when Sot was able to find the bug, but unfortunately, he found out that the problem was with the API. 

And while the issue wasn’t as bad as it could have been, it still meant that people who didn’t know about the bug were not able to make any trades.

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