• May 22, 2021

How to get the bleach chemical name right: The Chemical Guys

The Chemical Guy, one of the world’s top names in bleach, uses the acronym CHEM, which stands for chlorine chemical name.

The name CHEM stands for chlorine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorine hydrochloride, chlorine.

And while the brand has an image of a bottle filled with bleach, in real life it’s a small spray bottle filled entirely with water.

(The Chemical Guys’ logo features an image with two cans of bleach in the background, but the label and the brand name are identical.)

But the brand’s real name is chlorine, which is actually a product of the chlorine hydrocarbon cycle, according to The Chemical Dictionary.

“Chlorine is the only one of these chemical compounds that is naturally occurring and naturally occurring only in nature,” says Ben Bowers, an associate professor of chemistry at UC Berkeley.

“It’s not a product produced by nature.”

“Chemical Guys” was first created in 2004 by Bowers and his wife, Heather.

They’ve since created two more brands, “Chemicals and Chemicals” and “Chemists” (which was also founded by Bower’s wife).

According to The Huffington Post, Chemical Guys is a brand that “celebrates chemistry, science, and beauty.”

The brand has received more than 5 billion Instagram followers and was ranked as one of “The Top 100 Companies To Work For” by Fortune in 2012.

In 2017, the brand was named “Best of Beauty 2017” by Beauty Insider and received a Peabody Award for Excellence in Beauty from The Daily Beast.

(It also received a $25,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health.)

Bowers says that the brand is “very, very creative” with its marketing and that they have “a brand that’s very much a product.”

Bowers adds that they’ve also tried to use the brand in “very creative ways.”

For example, when a customer buys a bottle of “Chemistry Guys,” he/she will get a label with a chemical name that looks like the bottle of bleach.

“They’re very clever with how they present the product,” he says.

“There’s a lot of branding, but it’s very subtle.”

For the brand to be able to do that, Bowers suggests using more than one name on the label.

“If we had two names, we would have to use them,” he tells Business Insider.

“The first name would be the brand, the second name would have a different chemical compound.”

For Bowers’ brand, this means that the first bottle of the brand would be “Chocolate Chemical” and the second would be a “Blond Chemical.”

So, when the bottle was originally labeled with “Blonde Chemical,” it would have contained “Bliss Chemical” on it.

When the bottle came back in 2017, however, the name changed to “Blends” and it was still labeled with the original name.

“When the bottles of chemicals came back, the bottle label changed to the name of the bleach,” Bowers explains.

“Now we’re not going to be using that name anymore.”

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