• September 18, 2021

When it comes to the world’s most toxic chemicals, we don’t know where the US stands

In the US, a new US Senate report on the chemical war has been leaked to the press.

It was written by a committee appointed by the new president to review the nation’s response to the chemical attack on civilians by the Assad regime in 2014.

The chemical attack has since become a symbol of US intervention in the Syrian civil war, with the country now on the verge of a third major chemical attack. 

The US has claimed the attack was the result of a rebel chemical weapon attack.

In an interview with Reuters, US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) said the report could provide a “wake-up call” to the administration, and was “a window into what the president of the United States, Donald Trump, wants us to do.”

She added: It’s a reminder that it’s not just the president, but also the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who is trying to put together the new strategy. 

However, the committee has also come under fire for its composition and its focus on just a few key chemical weapons. 

It was set up in response to a report from the Senate Armed Services Committee which said the US military was already “at war with chemical weapons.”

In particular, the report focused on the Kerry-era missile strike that killed Kobane, Syria’s second largest city, and the Syrian government’s use of a chemical weapon.

The report focused specifically on the Assad regime’s use, including the nerve agent sarin gas.

The Kosovo war started in 1999 and saw the destruction of a Serbian military base in Kosovo. 

US President Donald Trump said “I want to be absolutely clear about what we have done.

We have killed thousands of syrians.

We killed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of our citizens.” 

The attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun, in which at least 20,000 people were killed, was one of the deadliest in human history.

The US also launched the Fast and Furious gunrunning operation that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people, including a number of children.

The White House has repeatedly accused Russia of being behind the attack, and has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of having ordered the attack on Khan Sheikhoun to punish the US for intervening in Syria’s civil war. 

President Trump has called Russia a “killer” and “the enemy of the US” and said the US will continue to target them. 

On the US-Russia relations, a report by the Congressional Research Service said the Trump administration is considering an increase in the number of cruise missiles being deployed to Eastern Europe, potentially including a nuclear-powered bomber. 

Meanwhile, US officials have said they are working on plans for a nuclear-powered submarine. 

A US-Russian contingency plan to defend Moscow has been delayed, but the Pentagon said on Wednesday that there are “no immediate plans” for the deployment of such a nuclear submarine.

A headline on the Reuters report said the US has deployed 12 submarines in the Gulf of Mexico since taking office, which the Committee described as “a record number” for the region.

The chairman of the committee, Senator Ben Cardin (D+MD) said: We’re in uncharted waters with this.

I would say the number is not insignificant. 

In addition, in the last year, Russia has taken a number of steps to expand its naval presence in the western Pacific, including an oil rig off the coast of Japan.

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