• September 20, 2021

Chemist reveals chemical composition of Apple’s new MacBook Pros

Apple is releasing new MacBook Pro laptops this fall that contain a new chemical composition that includes “high-performance” components and can be used in industrial applications.

The new MacBooks include a new magnesium alloy, a carbon-based ceramic and an aluminum alloy, according to the company’s website.

The magnesium alloy is an extremely durable, corrosion-resistant material that is used in a variety of applications, including aircraft and spacecraft parts, electronics and sensors, as well as in certain high-performance automotive products.

The carbon ceramic is an inert material that can be formed in a wide variety of shapes.

Apple is calling the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro “high performance.”

The new aluminum alloy is “more flexible and corrosion-resistance than the carbon ceramic,” according to Apple.

“The new aluminum and magnesium alloy are more resilient to shock, vibration and abrasion than the ceramic, which is also an extremely high-quality ceramic,” the company said in a blog post.

The aluminum alloy and the magnesium alloy can also be used to produce a magnesium alloy that is resistant to corrosion, according the company.

“In addition to the aluminum and carbon alloy, the new aluminum is an ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy that’s up to 65 percent lighter than the traditional magnesium alloy,” the blog post said.

“While these aluminum and titanium materials are similar in strength, they have very different thermal properties.”

The company is also adding an advanced alloy, titanium nitride, which offers “significant energy density,” according the blog.

The company says the new magnesium and aluminum alloy can be mixed together in “multiple configurations” to create “an array of unique and highly responsive, high-performing configurations.”

The article says the aluminum alloy has “a very high conductivity, which enables it to be easily coated and bonded to surfaces with varying degrees of hardness, including hard surfaces such as metals, plastics, ceramic, and hardboard.”

It also says the material is resistant “to thermal shock, thermal degradation, and corrosion.”

The metal is also “high in the number of metal oxides, which are very useful in a range of applications.”

The magnesium and titanium alloy is not new to the Mac, according a recent Macworld article, but the company is focusing on the new Aluminum Alloy for the MacBook Pros.

The MacBook Pro is an all-metal design with a high-resolution glass display, and Apple says the materials are used in the “high end of high-end laptop displays,” according Macworld.

Aluminum alloy can offer “significant” energy density, according Apple.

The metal has been used in high-profile MacBooks before.

The iPhone 7 and the MacBook Pro were both aluminum alloy designs.

The most recent MacBook Pro, the 10, is made of aluminum.

Apple’s announcement comes as the company has been battling with the FBI and other government agencies over the FBI’s investigation into the use of encryption software to unlock and access the phones of at least two Apple employees.

The FBI, according in the blog, has said that the company used the software “to access data stored on the device without a warrant and gain access to the contents of an iPhone.”

The FBI has not released details about the device or the contents, but an unnamed source told The Associated Press that the “encryption software” was the iPhone.

The technology, which Apple says is called AES-256, is “a type of encryption that relies on mathematical properties to ensure a specific sequence of numbers can be decrypted, and its unique properties make it difficult to crack,” The AP said.

The software is “designed to prevent the recovery of data or passwords on a device without access to Apple’s servers.”

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