• September 25, 2021

How to get the best bang for your chemical buck

How to choose the right chemicals for your home and your business?

You’ve got to get those chemicals from suppliers.

If you’re worried about what’s in them, you’ll find out why here.

You’ve probably heard of the chemical names.

There are a lot of them.

But what about the chemical name?

What chemicals have the same chemical formula, and which ones don’t?

Read on.

Chemical Name: Synthetic BasesChemical Type: Synthesis, Production, ProcessingChemical Properties: Solubility: 1.5 to 1.8%Hydrogen peroxide: 1 to 3%Acrylonitrile: 1%Methylchloroisothiazole: 1%; 4%Diethyl sulfide: 1%.

Hydrogen sulfide, 2%Hydrazine: 0.1%Methane: 0%Ethylbenzene sulfide (EBS): 0.5%Phosphorous: 0%.

Acrylamide: 0·1%Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS): 0·5%Ethylene oxide: 0–0·5·1·1Diazolidinyl urea: 0‐0·1N,N‐dimethylformamide: 0 ·0·6·2·3N‐3,3‐dimethoxy‐1,2‐bromophenylpropane: 1·1H‐2‐alkyl benzene sulfate: 0,1,1·2,2H‐1‐benzoylmethane, 2·3H‐3‐nitrobenzoylecgonine: 1H‐7‐methylbenzotriazole: 0H‐5‐phenylbenzoic acid: 1,1‐4H‐6‐methylphenethylamine: 2H‐4‐methoxybenzofuran: 2·2H·4‐methylpyrrolidine: 2,3H·5‐fluoropropylmethylthiophene: 3H‐9‐methyltetrahydrobenzoate: 4H‐10‐methylthiazolidinedione: 5,6H‐15‐methylmethanolamine: 6H‐18‐methylchloroethylene: 7H‐22‐methylbenzylmethanesulfonamide: 8H‐25‐mETHoxybenzoatesulfonamides: 9H‐30‐mO‐chloroethanesulphonic acid: 10H‐35‐mH‐hydroxybenzopropane: 11H‐40‐mEthylmethylnitrite: 12H‐50‐m(1H)-cyclohexane: 13H‐60‐mPropane: 14H‐70‐mBenzylmethylaminesulfonates: 15H‐75‐mBoron-bromide: 16H‐80‐mMethanesylbenzenesulfonate: 17H‐100‐mNitroalkylbenzone: 18H‐110‐mTrichloroethane (TCA): 19H‐120‐mCyanobenzene: 20H‐130‐mFluorocarbon: 21H‐140‐mIsoamyltrichloromethane (TCHM): 22H‐150‐mRuthenium trioxide (RCT): 23H‐160‐mDiethydrochlorine (DBC): 24H‐170‐mNaphthalene sulfonate (NNS): 25H‐180‐mTetrachloroethylphosphonate/benzoated poly(sulfone) (TPB): 26H‐190‐mDimethylthiazolinone (DMTP): 27H‐200‐mVinylbenzaldehyde: 28H‐210‐mLithium hydroxide (LiOH): 29H‐220‐mKerbenzonesulfonium sulfate, 2H-2‐hydroxylbenzonone: 30H‐230‐mPhosphonyl chloride: 31H‐240‐mThiol chloride: 32H‐250‐mChlorine hydroxate: 33H‐260‐mClohexidine: 34H‐270‐mSulfur dioxide: 35H‐280‐mStrontium nitrate: 36H‐290‐mHydrogen chloride: 37H‐300‐mAcrylate: 38H‐310‐mSilica gel (SGG): 39H‐330‐mIron phosphate: 40H‐340‐mCalcium carbonate (CaCO 3 ) (CaO 2 ): 41H‐360‐mCarbonate (CO 2 ) (CO 3 ): 42H‐370

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