• May 25, 2021

Which chemicals are in cigarette smoke?

A new survey has revealed the chemicals in cigarette smokes, but there are some big differences.

Key points:Chemicals in cigarette smoking are different to those found in petrol or diesel sourcesCigarette smoke contains more than 50 chemicals in it, and some are linked to lung cancerSome chemicals can cause respiratory problemsThe Australian Chemical Council has released the results of its latest research on the chemical makeup of cigarette smoke.

Chemicals found in cigarette tobacco are similar to those in petrol and diesel sources, and they are more commonly found in the mixture than in cigarette paper.

The chemicals in the petrol are more likely to be known carcinogens, such as benzene, and the ones in diesel are more potent carcinogens such as carbon monoxide.

The new study found more than 500 chemicals in tobacco smoke, including more than 60 carcinogens and over 60 more than 30 known respiratory irritants.

The study found the chemicals most commonly in cigarette papers were:1.1 million carbon monoxides (CNOs) and 7.3 million formaldehyde.

These are the most common chemicals found in smoke from cigarettes.

A separate study in 2012 found that one third of the chemicals found were not in cigarette packets, but in a sample of cigarette stubs.

The Australian Chemicals Council’s director of research, Dr David Mihalko, said the findings were not surprising.

“It’s a really good sign that there’s no significant difference between the amount of chemicals in our environment and the chemicals we are inhaling,” he said.

“These chemicals are known to cause cancer in mice and rats, and are linked in humans with cancer.”

Our research is still preliminary, but we’re hoping to find out if the same patterns of exposure are happening in humans.

“In 2014, the Australian Chemists’ Association said there were more than 10,000 chemicals in cigarettes and about 4,000 in cigarette packages.


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