• June 5, 2021

What is chemical change? Chemical exfoliants

Chemicals are changing the way we live, work and play, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Oxford.

Chemical change is a term used to describe how a chemical’s structure changes, such as when the chemical breaks down into smaller molecules.

It can also mean how a substance reacts when it’s exposed to different chemical agents or conditions.

Chemical exo-gelatinisation, for example, involves a chemical change that occurs in the exohelium, or outer layer of the skin, which is the most dense and water-soluble part of the human body.

The research found that people who regularly use chemical exfoliant products for exfoliating have more collagen, and that the exfoliated skin has less water and less elasticity than those who didn’t use chemical products.

The researchers also found that the average amount of collagen in people who exfoliate with chemical exo was reduced by up to 10 per cent compared with those who did not.

The study also found the use of chemical exosolutions for exosolution therapy was associated with a 20 per cent increase in the amount of epidermal hydrolase, a enzyme that is vital for skin repair.

‘Our findings provide important evidence that exposure to chemical exoing agents, and especially exoexfoliating agents, may increase the risk of developing collagen-related diseases, including hyperpigmentation and rosacea,’ the researchers said.

They added that the study does not show that exposure will actually cause collagen-type disease, but that it could affect the way it is repaired.

The University of Leeds researchers also looked at people who were taking a prescription drug called arbutin, which blocks the action of a protein called fibronectin, and who had an abnormal gene in their exo.

Researchers believe that arbutins action on fibronectionin may lead to collagen loss.

‘We found that patients taking arbutic acid, for instance, had increased collagen levels compared with patients who did no arbutinic acid treatment,’ Dr. John Lefroy, lead author of the study and professor of dermatology at the university, said in a statement.

‘In addition, we found that this difference was statistically significant, with an adjusted P value of 0.003.

This was a positive finding in a small study of two people, but we have yet to find similar effects in larger studies.’

Other research has shown that arb-type collagen is a major target for drug therapies, as arbutinosin is a precursor to arbutusin, a synthetic analogue of collagen found in certain prescription drugs.

‘These results are important in terms of highlighting the importance of exo exfoliators in the treatment of inflammatory conditions, and also for the protection of the collagen and its derivatives from adverse effects of topical agents,’ said Dr. Lefry, who is also a professor of cosmetic surgery.

‘If you are looking for a way to improve your appearance, it is good to know that your exfoliator is effective.’

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