• October 14, 2021

How to chemically castrate an albino cat

The story behind the chemical castrating surgery that ended an albinism-causing cat’s life.The cat was born with a condition called albinomatosis.In rare cases, albinos can develop a condition known as albinosis pigmentosum, which causes them to be darker and more translucent than their normal skin.A rare condition called hyper- albinomas can cause skin cancer.After receiving…

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Chemical peel results: Chemical engineer explains the chemistry behind his chemical formula

Chemical engineers often need to perform simple calculations in order to understand what the ingredients in their products are made of.One such calculation, however, is called chemical peel.Chemical peel is an analytical method for determining the chemical composition of a chemical compound by taking an atomic structure of the compound and using it to determine…

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How to peel a chemical chemical peel

Chemistry and chemical engineering are very different areas of study.They both aim to solve a problem with a single chemical, but each has a different set of tools.Here we look at how the two disciplines work together.

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How to make the perfect chemical bank

A chemical bank is the best way to keep all your chemicals in one place, so that you don’t have to worry about how much and how often you use them.Chemical banks also provide you with a list of chemicals to buy, and also help you get started on your own chemical chemistry experiments.The chemistry…

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Chemicals Guys: The Chemistry Guys

Chemical Guys, the #1-selling lifestyle brand in the U.S., has announced that its “Best of Chemicals” line of beauty products is coming to Canada.The line is now available at WalMart and on its own website.Chemicals is an online retailer that specializes in beauty products and fragrance.The brand is known for its beauty products that are…

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How to use chemicals safely in your kitchen

Chemical engineer Nicko Rocha has created a robot that can use chemicals to create a safe and effective solution for cleaning your kitchen.This robot uses a chemical reaction to create the ideal cleaner for your kitchen and can be used to remove stains, deter rust and create a good taste for your dishes.The robot is…

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